Frugal Living: 37 Amazing Practical Tips For Saving Money and Learning How to Make Your Life Simple (Frugal, Frugal Living, Frugal Living books)

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    The whole concept of living frugally and simply is that you get more out of life but that you spend considerably less while doing it. Obviously, frugal living defined specifically will vary by each individual. But in general, most people view frugal living as living on a tight budget (allowing them to save more money and eliminate debt), living simply, consuming and using less, and living any life you want in an affordable fashion. Any person can add any characteristic they want to in addition to these ones.

    With that in mind, you would probably add more characteristics to this brief list to define frugal living as it means to you. In essence, living frugally is exactly as you want it.

    But while frugal living may mean something slightly or significantly different for each of us, the fundamentals for frugal living remain the same for everybody. Just a few of those fundamentals include avoiding unnecessary expenses, working on reducing debt, making significant lifestyle changes, and perhaps changing some goals in your career.

    This book will teach you about all of these fundamentals that will form the foundation for when you define your own way of frugal living. With the knowledge you learn in this book, you’ll be able to convert your lifelong dreams into an enduring reality, and in the process, create a more secure lifestyle and future for you and your family.

    Contents of the book:

    • Chapter 1 – Budgeting
    • Chapter 2 – Cutting Expenses
    • Chapter 3 – Making Lifestyle Changes
    • Chapter 4 – Hobbies and Activities
    • Chapter 5 – Career Choices and Direction
    • Chapter 6 – Basic Hacks and Tricks to Save You On Money
    • Chapter 7 Green/Thrifty Living Tips

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